Bagging for these and cleverly cut.
Refined in finish and surreal in fringe length...
I am not your typical 'handbag girl' but drawing these objects was a true treat!

Bold I call the decision of Desiree Kleinen, founder and designer of the brand, to have the latest campaign illustrated rather than photographed.

Read all about our collaboration here...

Below you 'll find some my favourite drawings. 

model holding bag Ree Projects model Fringe black leather. Illustration in acrylic paint and oil pencil Duo Bag illustration Ree Projects Bag label 2020
illustrated bags in black and white acrylic paint for Ree Projects 2020
Painting in acrylic paint . White leather bag by Ree Projects. 2020Two Portraits painted in acrylic paint . Year 2020. Label ree Projects. Illustration of Tote bag ree Projects in black