My Drawing Room
On my personal journey to
improve my lines as well as
my eye I started the
Drawing Room.
In my atelier I'm offering
life figure drawing classes.

Suitable for all levels
and containing long poses
-   20-minutes   -
as well as very short poses
-   1-minute   -.

The latter to increase
the connection between
eyes and hands.

Anyone interested
feel free to contact me.
You can start the course
at any point
throughout the year.
My New Location:

Drawing Room/Petra Lunenburg
Binnel Studios Ltd
Old Park Road
St. Lawrence / Ventnor

Hours: ..:.. AM - ..:.. PM


€   xx,00     trial class
€   xx,00     single class
€ xxx,00     10-classes pass


During Summerstop
I relocated my Drawing Room.