Portrait by Paul Bellaart
Photography: Paul Bellaart

Petra Lunenburg is a Dutch illustrator who recently relocated from Amsterdam to the English south coast.
After graduation at ARTEZ ( Arnhem, Netherlands) she has been working as a freelance artist for clients
in fashion, art and advertisement.

Focusing on illustration as well as studying and teaching life drawing contributed to her highly feminine,
free, suggestive style. Dynamic lines are projecting the essence of her subject.

Layering a variety of media    - ink, oil pencil, acrylic paint, gouache -    make her drawings show
bold strokes as well as refined detailing. This distinctive signature and raw minimalistic abstraction create
a sense of ambiguity, influenced from both fashion and fine art history.
This approach reveals a world of allure. The type of women projected are personal and raw, unafraid of
imperfections and female sexuality Petra Lunenburg's creatures radiate power but most of all: life !

« I am interested in capturing anything beyond the physicality of my subjects. Visualizing energetic
rhythms of human figures, movements, expressions and looks, ideally fully guided by my lines. »
« My drawing is a very intuitive process in which I am creating many versions to get to The Right One,
always looking for the perfect balance of what is revealed and what is hidden. »

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